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Marketing In A Virtual World
Article Summary: This Is The Age Of The Virtual Customer. Yet, Although The Internet Has Made It Perfectly Reasonable To Land A Major Client You've Never Met In-person, It Has Also Created New Expectations Among Consumers.
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It Takes Two - How to Cultivate Profitable Alliances
Article Summary: "cross Promoting With Other Businesses Can Give You A Significant Advantage Over The Competition, With Many Benefits And Cost Savings." -heidi Richards-
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How to Write your News Release
Article Summary: Follow This Step-by-step Process To Write And Expose Your News
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Marketing or Selling -- Which is more important?
Article Summary: The Way To Win The Marketing Game Is Not To Collect The Most Leads; It's To Make The Most Sales. Marketing Activities That Increase Your Number Of Sales Are Good, And Activities That Don't Are Bad, Even If They Bring In Plenty Of Leads.
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The Elements of Expertise
Article Summary: Slightly Famous Marketing Strategy: Target Your Best Prospects, And Boost Your Visibility And Credibility, By Becoming A Recognized Expert Within That Community.
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Are You Marketing and Selling What People are Buying?
Article Summary: To Be Successful You Need To Be Speaking Your Prospects' Language So They Understand What You're Selling. Talk In Terms Of Features And You May Lose Them. Talk In Terms Of Concerns And You'll Sell More.
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Seven Ways To Put Show Biz Into Your Tradeshow
Article Summary: You Are In Show Biz, And You Must Create And Promote An Event That Is As Exciting And Dramatic As A Great Movie Or Play. Your Exhibition Space Is Your Stage. In Order To Generate Interest, You Must Put On A Performance That Will Keep Attendees Riveted To Your Exhibits And Eager To Come Back For The Sequel
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The A-Z of Exhibiting Overseas
Article Summary: Exhibiting Overseas Is One Of The Fastest And Most Cost Effective Ways To Identify The Best Foreign Markets For Your Products/services. International Trade Shows And Fairs Offer Opportunities For Multilateral Contacts And Business Deals.
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Your Ideal Client -- How to identify who is--and more importantly, who isn't!
Article Summary: Have You Ever Had A Customer That Was More Trouble Than They Were Worth? Learn To Say "no!" To Those Customers, Before They Start Draining Your Energy!
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Creating Sales Conversations
Article Summary: The More Conversations You Start With Prospects The More Likely You Are To Help Them Buy. The Challenge Is How To Start More Conversations. Here's How.
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