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Writing Guarantees that Sell
Article Summary: Why Write A Guarantee For Your Product Or Service? It Reduces The Risk In The Eyes Of Your Customers, Enough To Turn A Cynical Customer Into A Convinced Customer.
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What's Your Marketing Attitude?
Article Summary: Entrepreneurs Pay A Lot Of Attention To The Mechanics Of Marketing And We Often Discover That Their Knowledge Of Marketing Techniques Is Quite Good Already. What They Might Lack Is The Right Kind Of Marketing Attitude.
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Are You Marketing Backwards
Article Summary: Most Small Business Owners Lose Prospects because They Are Marketing Backwards, pushing Against The Greatest Levels Of resistance. Here's How To Market Forwards, reducing Resistance To SalŽs.
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Boost your selling power with your call-to-action phrases
Article Summary: Look At Your Marketing Material. Now, Is There Something Missing? If Youíre Missing A Phrase Or Paragraph Requesting Your Customerís Business, Your Copy Is Lacking An Essential Component.
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Get your name and message in the media
Article Summary: Follow This Five Step Proven Process To Get Your Name And Message In The Media.
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Sponsorship: A Key to Powerful Marketing
Article Summary: Sponsorship Is The Fastest Growing Form Of Marketing In The U.s. It Is Still Very Much In Its Infancy, Especially In The Trade Show Arena.
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Advantage - Small Business
Article Summary: An Insightful Look At The Personal Marketing Advantages Of Small Business.
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Moving Beyond Marketing Rituals to Increase Profits
Article Summary: Learn How To Use Your Business Card To Get Attention and Attract Many More Clients.
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10 Tips to Use Giveaways Effectively
Article Summary: In Any Trade Or Consumer Show You Will Be Able To Collect A Bag Full Of Advertising Specialties, Or Giveaway Items All Designed To Promote. But How Many Really Do An Effective Job?
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17 Tips for Bringing Your Event to Life
Article Summary: One Key To A Successful Special Event Is To Seek Out Entertainment Or Decorations That Are Unique And Fun To Spark Conversation Among Guests. As You Begin Envisioning Your Event, Picture The Mood You Want The Environment To Create.
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