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When To Stop Mailing To Your Prospects
Article Summary: David Dutton, a subscriber of mine from Nashville, Tennessee, wrote in and asked me to "touch on prospecting with direct mail"
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Capture Clients with Words
Article Summary: Take These 5 Design/marketing Tips To Heart. Using Them Consistently Will Save You Time In The long Run And Attract More Customers.
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Is Sponsorship Right for My Company?
Article Summary: How Do You Know That Sponsorship Is Right For Your Company? Is There A Way To Determine If Underwriting Aspects Of A Trade Show Will Help Your Bottom Line? Absolutely......
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Sex Sells…Or Does It?
Article Summary: Does Erotic Enticement Equal Exhibiting Success? It Might – But Only If........
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What's Your Business Model?
Article Summary: Your Business Model Is Your Plan For How You Will Generate Sufficient Revenue To Meet Your Expenses And Earn A Profit. The Real Solution May Be To Choose A New Business Model.
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Turning Your Services into a Product
Article Summary: To Determine Which Of Your Services Would Be Best To Turn Into A Product, Consider What Your Target Market Most Often Wants From You.
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What Are You Really Marketing? It's Not What You Think
Article Summary: Learn How To Get Your Prospect's Attention And Their Business By Marketing What They Are Looking For.
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Changing Your Position When There's Competition
Article Summary: Your Market Position Is The Place You Occupy In The Mind Of Your Prospective Clients. It's How They Think Of You As Compared To Your Competitors.
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Increasing Short and Long Term Profits
Article Summary: Learn How To Increase Sales Just By Focusing On Helping Your Prospects Get What They Want.
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Direct Mail Advertising: A Key Ingredient For Successful Business Growth
Article Summary: In Today's Highly Competitive Economy, It Is Essential That You Promote Your Business With Marketing Materials That Strategically Position Your Business For Increased Customer Traffic, Expansion And Growth.
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