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Achieving Peak Performance: Education Without Motivation Serves No Useful Purpose
Article Summary: Education Alone Is Not Enough Either. Many "educated" Individuals Achieve Very Little On Or Off The Job. They Know What To Do, And They Know How To Do It. The Problem Is They're Not Motivated Enough To Do Much About It.
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Time Management Strategies for Modern Life Syndrome
Article Summary: Pay Attention…focus…concentrate…prioritize…easy To Say But Hard To Do When So Much Is Vying For Your Attention. What Makes It So Hard To Master These Basic Concepts?
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Effective Management: Keys to Being a Successful Leader
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Article Summary: Niquenya D. Fulbright, Professional Life Coach, Defines Effective Management And What It Means To Be A Successful Leader.
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Are You Seeing a Vision?
Article Summary: Visions Are More Powerful Than Goals Because Visions Have An Emotional Component. When You See A Picture, It Evokes Emotion—involving Your Heart, Not Just Your Head. This Is Far More Powerful Than Only Writing Down An Idea.
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Vision in Business
Article Summary: If Business Is Willing To Step Up And Assume The Mantle Of Leadership, It Can Lead The Work To Unprecedented Levels Of Partnership, Peace And Prosperity.
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B is for… Beliefs
Article Summary: One Of Our Tasks As Leaders Is To Create Positive Beliefs About What’s Possible For The Organisation And For The People In It. Why? Because Positive Beliefs Lead To Positive Action, Which Leads To Achievement.
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After the Speech
Article Summary: Usually The Emphasis On Making An Effective Speech Is What You Do In Preparation Before The Presentation Begins.
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Incorporate Humor in Your Next Speech
Article Summary: You Don’t Have To Be A Humorist To Use Humor In Your Speech. Humor Will Relax Your Audience And Help Them Remember Your Material. Use Humor That Comes From Personal Experience.
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Improve Your Listening Immediately!
Article Summary: We Have To Be Active Listeners By Asking Open Questions And Paraphrasing. In Addition, We Must Take Notes, Keep The Other Person Talking, And Commit Completely To Listening By Eliminating All Distractions.
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Ethics in Speaking: A Practical Point of View
Article Summary: Executives Are Often Speaking In Difficult Situations, The More Credibility They Can Develop, The More The Content Will Be Considered And Accepted.
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