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It's Time to Get Out of The Box!
Article Summary: Dismantle That Box – The Attitudes, Ideas, Beliefs, Choices And Strategies That Keep You Limited - Bring Excitement Back Into Your Daily Planning And Choices.
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How To Improve Your Memory By Up To 10 Times With Memory Techniques
Article Summary: Improve Your Memory By Staggering 1059% Using Memory Improvement Techniques!
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Your World Your Way - Trusting Yourself In Business
Article Summary: You Cannot Have Peace Of Mind Or Have A Healthy Business If You Don’t Trust Yourself. Trusting Yourself Is Having A True Sense Of Who You Are, Clarity About What You Want And The Presence Of Mind To Honour Yourself.
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How to sharpen your negotiating skills
Article Summary: Negotiating Is Crucial To Any Success. It Is The Art Of Looking For The Competitive Advantage, And It Is Easily Learned. In Fact, You Are Already Negotiating.
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Greasing the Path to Success: Finding the Confidence to Step Up to Key Moments
Article Summary: Whether It’s Making A Prospecting Call To A Promising Business Contact, Giving An Informal “elevator Speech” To A Networking Group, Or Attempting To Close A Transaction, There Are Certain Key Moments When Putting Your Best-dressed Foot Forward Really Matters.
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Demand Dignity in Public Speaking Training
Article Summary: Presentation Skills Training Can Do More Harm Than Good. This Article Describes Four Rights You Should Insist On To Maintain Your Dignity While You Develop Your Speaking Skills.
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Reclaiming Our Resilient Spirit
Article Summary: Has your spirit taken a beating? Eileen McDargh uses the acronym "resilience" to help you reclaim your resilient spirit.
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Book Summary: Networking For Professional Success
Article Summary: We are all “self-employed” now. Today there is absolutely no job security. We are living in an age of corporate downsizing, and freelance consultants, or self-employed workers are growing by the day. Networking is one skill you need to practice to get ahead and survive these uncertain times.
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Perfect Delays
Article Summary: "Winning communicators don't strive for perfection, they strive for connection." Five tips that will make you a better communicator!
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Characteristics To Help Find The Work Of Your Dreams
Article Summary: Give up your fear to find the work of your dreams. Learn the steps you can take to finally live the life you deserve!
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