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A Short Guide to Effective Public Speaking
Article Summary: Here Are Certain Items Every Speech Should Include. Begin With An Attention-getting Device And Preview Your Speech.
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Seven Aspects of a Making Brilliant Decisions
Article Summary: An Opportunity For Discovering And Shaping;the Place Where The Self Meets The World.
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The Metamorphosis of the Successful Executive . . . Overcoming Professional Stagnation
Article Summary: Despite your extraordinary success you find yourself thinking that something is missing. Learn the keys to overcoming professional and personal stagnation through coaching.
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Get Out Those Legos
Article Summary: Most Of Us Are Working Harder Than Smarter. Without A Concerted Effort To Step Back And Take An Objective Look At How We Function Day In And Day Out, We Find Ourselves Subject To Old Ways Of Doing Things Without Periodic Checkups To See If They Are Working.
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Time Management? No!
Article Summary: Many People Want To Be Coached To Manage Their Time Better. I Say No! To That. You Cannot Manage Time Anyway; It Just Keeps Ticking Away No Matter What You Do.
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Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills
Article Summary: Good Listening Skills Take Practice. Specific Coaching May Be Necessary If You Find You Have Communication Issues With Your Boss, Colleagues, Subordinates, Partners Or Personal Relationships.
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Buyer Beware: Choose A Business Coach Carefully To Get The Results You Want
Article Summary: The Coach’s Role Is To Provide Support To Enhance The Skills, Resources, And Creativity That You Already Have. Coaches Are Trained To Listen, To Observe, And To Customize Their Approach To Meet Your Needs.
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Talents...10 Ways to Stay True to What You Do Best!
Article Summary: Your Talents Are Natural Abilities Which You Do Easily And Effortlessly. 10 Easy Tips To Stay Focused On What You Do Best.
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How to Grab Attention with Your Headlines
Article Summary: Grab Your Prospects' Attention With Your Headlines Using These Headline Writing Guidelines.
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How to Use Public Speaking to Attract Clients
Article Summary: Speaking Is A Marketing Strategy You Can Immediately Embrace To Get In Front Of Potential Customers. Speaking Puts You Within Handshaking Distance Of Your Best Prospects, Many Times Helping You Close Sales Before You Leave The Room.
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