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Think Bigger about Your Business!
Copyright 2004 by Janis Pettit

What does it mean to have a Really Big Vision? Is it possible to have the most successful
business you can imagine? When I ask this question to my small business clients, most think
initially in terms of earning a lot of money or prestige. But more and more I've noticed two
significant trends among women business owners (and some male clients as well). The first is
the desire to achieve a well balanced, prosperous life as a result of a successful business which
includes not just material wealth, but free time, spiritual fulfillment, a loving and supportive
community and family, physical and emotional well being and a business that reflects their
passion and values. On the other hand, I've also run across some who think they need to
sacrifice ambition and dreaming big, and rationalize that accepting little or no profit from their
hard work is okay as long as they like what they do. Recently I've encountered a number of
highly creative women who left the corporate world to start businesses built on their artistic
talent, selling products like hand crafted jewelry, purses, scarves, hand painted tiles, clothing etc.
Nine out of ten are barely breaking even. If you ask them if they'd like to be wildly profitable they
answer with an enthusiastic "yes"! So what's not working?

Most of us don't have a Really Big Vision. I spent years not allowing myself to have one.
Miracles occurred as I slowly let go of that bad habit. We allow all kinds of perceived roadblocks
to prevent us from visualizing exactly what our ideal business (and life) could look like. If we're
uncomfortable even imagining it, how can we create it? Close your eyes and imagine how
incredible it would feel, if two years from today, you could have the business success and
fulfilled life you truly want. This kind of visioning, repeated daily, is a powerfully effective step in
bringing your vision to reality. Big Vision Roadmap is about creating your Biggest Vision for
your business, busting through current roadblocks, carefully mapping out how to reach your
vision and then relentlessly focusing on following the map until you arrive at your destination.

Imagine that you want to drive to a wonderful vacation spot located hundreds of miles from your
home. You've planned this vacation carefully, saved for it, and are tremendously excited about
it. You get in your car and begin the journey. Oh, there's just one problem. You don't have a
map. You know you need to travel west so you head in a westerly direction and hope you'll find
it. Sound ridiculous? Yet how many of us run our businesses without detailed mapping, planning,
measurement, reflection and regular reassessment? Does IBM do that? I don't think so. And how
many of us take the quiet time to do the inner work which will make clear the outer actions we
need to take to manifest the results we want?

Statistically 50% or small businesses fail in the first four years. Why? In working with scores of
small business owners and in the course of my own experience, the reasons are: lack of
financing and budgeting, fear, "I need to do everything myself" syndrome, lack of knowledge
about running a business (entrepreneurial skill set), lack of support, lack of confidence, focusing
on the next sale instead of bottom line profit, or limiting personal habits that slow business

Here's what builds a successful business that serves your life (and not the other way around):
laser-like focus, motivation, passion, sufficient funds to invest in the business and in expert
outside help, careful budgeting, focused, savvy marketing, strong sales skills, the ability to
delegate, self discipline, self knowledge, regular inner focus work, excellent priority based time
management, extreme self confidence, the ability to work through your fears, strong business
systems, an ability to take calculated risks and most important--clear, exciting, well defined

Let's get started on your personal Roadmap! Make a list of situations you are currently tolerating
in your business that are draining your time or energy. Does anything make you feel
overwhelmed? Is there anywhere where you sell yourself short? Do you feel satisfied with what
you've accomplished at the end of each work day? Would you like to feel empowered,
enervated and full of possibilities? Take one minute to download the Big Vision Inner Focus
Techniques Guide from our toolbox. Go to If you
can spend just 15 minutes each morning following this guide, you'll begin an amazing Big Vision

Janis Pettit, President of SmarTrack, has owned 4 highly successful small businesses over the
last 19 years and has helped scores of small businesses reach their profit and personal potential.

Copyright 2004 by Janis Pettit -

Big Vision RoadmapÒ

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