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Job Descriptions is a free resource that lets you find job descriptions and job details. Our website currently contains over 13,000 job descriptions. These jobs are divided into categories, then divisions, then groups and finally the job descriptions themselves.

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Professional Technical And Managerial Jobs
Jobs In Architecture Engineering And Surveying
Jobs In Mathematics And Physical Sciences
Computer Related Jobs
Jobs In Life Sciences
Jobs In Social Sciences
Jobs In Medicine And Health
Jobs In Education
Jobs In Museum Library And Archival Sciences
Jobs In Law And Jurisprudence
Jobs In Religion And Theology
Jobs In Writing
Jobs In Art
Jobs In Entertainment And Recreation
Jobs In Administrative Specializations
Managers And Officials Nec
Miscellaneous Professional Technical And Managerial Jobs
Clerical And Sales Jobs
Stenography Typing Filing And Related Jobs
Computing And Account Recording Jobs
Production And Stock Clerks And Related Jobs
Information And Message Distribution Jobs
Miscellaneous Clerical Jobs
Sales Jobs Services
Sales Jobs Consumable Commodities
Sales Jobs Commodities Nec
Miscellaneous Sales Jobs
Service Jobs
Domestic Service Jobs
Food And Beverage Preparation And Service Jobs
Lodging And Related Service Jobs
Barbering Cosmetology And Related Service Jobs
Amusement And Recreation Service Jobs
Miscellaneous Personal Service Jobs
Apparel And Furnishings Service Jobs
Protective Service Jobs
Building And Related Service Jobs
Agricultural Fishery Forestry And Related Jobs
Plant Farming Jobs
Animal Farming Jobs
Miscellaneous Agricultural And Related Jobs
Fishery And Related Jobs
Forestry Jobs
Hunting Trapping And Related Jobs
Processing Jobs
Jobs In Processing Of Metal
Ore Refining And Foundry Jobs
Jobs In Processing Of Food Tobacco And Related Products
Jobs In Processing Of Paper And Related Materials
Jobs In Processing Of Petroleum Coal Natural And Manufactured Gas And Related Products
Jobs In Processing Of Chemicals Plastics Synthetics Rubber Paint And Related Products
Jobs In Processing Of Wood And Wood Products
Jobs In Processing Of Stone Clay Glass And Related Products
Jobs In Processing Of Leather Textiles And Related Products
Processing Jobs Nec
Machine Trades Jobs
Metal Machining Jobs
Metalworking Jobs Nec
Mechanics And Machinery Repairers
Paperworking Jobs
Printing Jobs
Wood Machining Jobs
Jobs In Machining Stone Clay Glass And Related Materials
Textile Jobs
Machine Trades Jobs Nec
Benchwork Jobs
Jobs In Fabrication Assembly And Repair Of Metal Products Nec
Jobs In Fabrication And Repair Of Scientific Medical Photographic Optical Horological And Related Products
Jobs In Assembly And Repair Of Electrical Equipment
Jobs In Fabrication And Repair Of Products Made From Assorted Materials
Painting Decorating And Related Jobs
Jobs In Fabrication And Repair Of Plastics Synthetics Rubber And Related Products
Jobs In Fabrication And Repair Of Wood Products
Jobs In Fabrication And Repair Of Sand Stone Clay And Glass Products
Jobs In Fabrication And Repair Of Textile Leather And Related Products
Benchwork Jobs Nec
Structural Work Jobs
Jobs In Metal Fabricating Nec
Welders Cutters And Related Jobs
Electrical Assembling Installing And Repairing Jobs
Painting Plastering Waterproofing Cementing And Related Jobs
Excavating Grading Paving And Related Jobs
Construction Jobs Nec
Structural Work Jobs Nec
Miscellaneous Jobs
Motor Freight Jobs
Transportation Jobs Nec
Packaging And Materials Handling Jobs
Jobs In Extraction Of Minerals
Jobs In Production And Distribution Of Utilities
Amusement Recreation Motion Picture Radio And Television Jobs Nec
Jobs In Graphic Art Work

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