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What advice would you give to a new HR, OD or Training Manager about getting to the table and staying there?
Article Summary: The Biggest Difficulty Getting To The Table Is All About Repositioning Hr's Perception As A Supporting Role To The Business.
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The Brand Called You
Article Summary: "the Ultimate Brand-building And Business Development handbook To Transform Anyone Into An Indispensable Personal brand" by Peter Montoya published By Personal Branding Press 2003 isbn 0967450659 278 Pages
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Five Steps to Increase the People Power in Your Business
Article Summary: Send A Message To Your Employees That You Are Committed To Their Success As Well As To The Success Of The Business With These Five Steps.
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Job descriptions help HR personell
Article Summary: A New Job Descriptions Dictionary Is Providing Free Job Descriptions And Job Details. More Then 13000 Job Titles Are Divided Into Categories, Divisions, Groups And Industries.
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Talents...10 Ways to Stay True to What You Do Best!
Article Summary: Your Talents Are Natural Abilities Which You Do Easily And Effortlessly. 10 Easy Tips To Stay Focused On What You Do Best.
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Gracefully Accepting Feedback a Key Employment Skill
Article Summary: Accountability Is More A Buzzword Than A Reality At Most Companies Because Employers Haven't Helped Their Employees To Learn To Gracefully Accept The Feedback That Might Benefit Their Careers.
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When and How to Discuss Disabilities with Job Applicants
Article Summary: Most Employers Covered By The Americans With Disabilities Act Know They Canít Discuss With Job Candidates Any Disabilities They May Have. Get The Information You Need To Make A Good Hiring Decision Before Adding A Disabled Worker To The Payroll.
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Terminating employees without getting burned
Article Summary: the process of firing an employee can prove to be costly if not done properly.
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