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Saluting the Squawkers: Complaints Often Key to Improving Sales, Retention and Loyalty
Article Summary: In Customer Service Complaints Are Key To Improving Sales, Retention And Loyalty. A Complainer Is Doing A Favor By Providing Invaluable, Often Real-time Feedback On What Isn't Working In Your Business Or Your Relationship With Them.
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Silly Service has its Serious Side: Test Your Customer Service Knowledge!
Article Summary: Who Says Service Is Serious? Customer Service Can Be Silly Too. Take This Fun Quiz To Test Your Customer Service Knowledge. You May Be A Service Ace If You Both Pick The Correct Answer To Each Of These Ten Questions
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Ten Online Customer Service Tips
Article Summary: Ten Customer Service Tips For Online Businesses. How To Keep Customers Happy And Turn Them Into Evangelists For Your Company.
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Are You Hearing Everything Your Customer, Peer, Boss, Supplier Isn't Saying?
Article Summary: Be aware of body language in order to reduce stress and enhance your business and personal relationships.
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Become a Customer Enthusiasm-Guru!
8.00(1) User Reviews
Article Summary: The Mainstay Of Successful Small Businesses Is Outstanding Customer Service. Learn To Be A Customer Enthusiasm Guru!
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At Your Service: The Ten Commandments of Great Customer Service!
Article Summary: Customer Service Is An Integral Part Of Our Job And Should Not Be Seen As An Extension Of It. A Company's Most Vital Asset Is Its Customers.
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What's Love Got To Do With It?
Article Summary: Some Say That Customers Have Changed And That The Pursuit Of Loyalty Is Foolish. I Donít Agree. Loyalty Is Not Dead, Itís Just Sleeping.
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Five Things More Important to Buyers than WHAT You're Selling
Article Summary: Five Things More Important to Buyers than WHAT You're Selling
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Create a Positive, Upbeat,
Article Summary: Tips On Creating A More Positive, Up-beat, Can-do Workforce.
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Article Summary: Even If You Never Place A Cold Call, You Still Have To Reach People By Phone. That Customer Who Was So Interested Last Month Never Called You Back, And Now You Must Call Her. You Call Once, Twice, Three Times, But You Can't Get Her In Person. How Can You Manage To Close A Sale If All You Ever Get Is Voice Mail?
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