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Business Start-up Related Small Business Articles

Investor Ready Business Plan
Article Summary: An Investor Ready Business Plan Is A Document That Has Been Professionally Prepared To Meet The Needs Of Both Venture Capitalists And Angel Investors. Your Plan Must Be Able To Answer The Concerns Of An Investor.
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Venture Leasing: Startup Financing On the Rise
Article Summary: The Growth In Venture Capital Investing Has Given Rise To A Relatively New And Expanding Area Of Equipment Leasing Known As ‘venture Leasing’. Why Has It Become So Attractive To Venture Capital-backed Startups?
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10 Tips For Starting A Home Business -
Article Summary: If You Are Like Most People Who Want To Start A Home Business, You Are Overwhelmed And Don't Know Where To Start Or What Will Make You Successful.
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Running a Home Business is not always a Bed of Roses
Article Summary: Challenges And Obstacles That An Entrepreneur Must Consider Before Starting A Home Based Business
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Overcoming the "Low Revenue, High Overwhelm, Never Enough Time" Trap
Article Summary: Learn to turn the business you love into a financially successful enterprise by focusing on becoming the best business owner you can.
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Article Summary: When You're Just Starting Out In Business, It's A Safe Bet That You Need More Clients. But What If You Have Been Up And Running For A While, And You're Still Not Making As Much Money As You Would Like? You May Be In The Habit Of Thinking That Attracting New Clients Is The Answer, But This Isn't Always The Case.
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Selecting a site for your business takes planning
Article Summary: Relocating your business is never easy. this article offers advice on items every business owner should consider if they want to make the transition a smooth one.
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Five Defining Characteristics of Great CEOs
Article Summary: Want To Know How To Measure Ceo Performance? Look At Financial Results, Sure. But Long-term Great Ceos Have 5 Defining Personal Characteristics.
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Knowledge Management Critical for Start-ups
Article Summary: It might sound strange, but I think a knowledge management initiative is as important in a small and growing organization as it is in a mature global company.
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Brand Beyond Marketing
Article Summary: To Maintain An Effective Brand, You Must Create A Corporate Culture That Reflects That Brand. Learn How To Keep Your Identity Clear And Consistent.
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Small Business and Branding – Why and How?
Article Summary: Why You Need To Brand Your Small Business? How Is Branding Going To Help You To Establish Your Business? How Can You Establish Your Brand Without Spending A Fortune On It?
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Ten Questions to Ask Yourself When Selecting Your Target Market
Article Summary: Target Market Is Defined As The Group To Which You Aim Your Marketing Efforts. The More Clearly You Define And Understand Your Market, The Better You Can Market Directly To That Group.
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Use Product Research to Position Yourself as the Expert
Article Summary: Position Yourself As The Expert Your Clients Need Even Before You've Launched Your New Service Or Product.
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How To Buy The Right Business, For You?
Article Summary: According to industry statistics, over 90% of the people who begin the search to buy a business NEVER complete a purchase!
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Why Buy an Existing Business or a Franchise Resale?
Article Summary: With so many options available to you, the question will become which vein of the business- ownership arena should you pursue? Between franchises, existing businesses, start-ups, home- based businesses and MLMs, it does become a bit overwhelming.
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