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Time To Revamp Your Visual Identity?

Look at your company logo. Does it fade into the background against other
images you use to promote your company? Has it become dated? Does it still
fit with your company vision? Is your message connecting with the customers
you want?

Your visual identity is a vital tool in communicating the essence of your
business. Before someone even buys a product or service from you, they
formulate ideas about the business based on your logo and visual design.
Having an identity which works can positively change how your customers
perceive your business and put more money in your pocket. Donít believe
me? Think Nike, Apple, Coke, RolexÖthe list goes on.

How do you make your visual identity come alive and attract customers to
your business?

What is your message?

Businesses change and develop over time, so the message you need to
communicate will change too. The first step is to decide what you want to
communicate about the changes in your business Ė maybe the company is
more modern in its approach to customers. You can use a new visual identity
to communicate this. This can be achieved by a revamp of your logo, design
and messaging or a completely new approach to all elements of your identity.
Consistency is key when building a brand so when you revamp or change the
design of your visual identity you must patiently and continually communicate
the changes.

Who are you talking to?

You need to be aware of who your customer base is and if they understand
and connect with the current visual identity of the company. Has your
audience changed significantly over time? Maybe the current design worked
for customers 20 years ago but leaves the new audience cold. Work out who
you want to communicate with and what they will respond to.
How do you make it last a lifetime?
If you are going to develop a new design then it needs to stand the test of
time. You should work with a good designer, who knows current trends and
how to avoid anything ultra fashionable that will look dated in a year. A good
design should last 20 years and should be solid enough to take slight
adaptations or modernisations during this time.
How do you keep your brand intact?
Building a brand takes a long time and needs consistency, repetition and
giving customers the service they expect time and time again. You donít want
to alienate your existing customer base by a radical design change that they
canít relate to. If you want a change, consider using elements already in place
such as one main colour or image, think about the changes companies like
Pepsi and Coke have made over time. A company with a strong logo and
visual identity is taking the first step in building an established and profitable
What you ultimately want to achieve is an identity which can evolve over time
without noticeable change allowing you to maintain your core identity.

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