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Running a Home Based Business is not always a Bed of Roses

Every rose has its thorns and that’s true in the garden and in business. Starting a home based business
requires skill in navigating the thorns you encounter as your business begins to grow. I began researching
home based businesses because of the advantages that working from home afforded me – making my own
hours, staying home with my children, and taking take time off when I wanted and not when the “holiday
schedule” allowed for it. I viewed entrepreneurship through “rose-colored glasses” and didn’t see any of
the thorns associated with owning my own business.


There isn’t a “water cooler” in my home office and my cat never sticks around long enough to talk about
who was voted off the island last night on my favourite reality show. Isolation is one of the largest
struggles home based entrepreneur face. The realization they are now a “one man show” can sometimes
be overwhelming. The best way to overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation is to join on-line forums.
Also, make sure to get out of the office and attend networking events. The loneliness can become
overwhelming for many. If you thrive on interaction with others, this may be a thorn you cannot get past
and opening a home based business may not be a good choice for you.

Misconceptions of Others

Some people think that entrepreneurs sit around with their feet up eating bon-bons all day. When
someone finds a way to make money doing that – let me know! I can’t count the times someone has asked
me to volunteer on a committee or waste time talking about their favorite soap opera all because they
think I’m not REALLY working. When you start your home based business you will spend a lot of time
explaining to others just exactly what your job entails, including the hours you plan to work. When others
respect that you are serious about your business and its success you’ve successfully removed this thorn.

Separating Personal from Business

Balancing personal life and business life is challenging for many entrepreneurs that work from home. If
you have a family it becomes even “stickier”. It is important to ensure that your family sees that you are
dedicated to your work when you are at work and you are dedicated to your family when you are at home.
It is extremely important to schedule family time as well as business time. I stay away from my office
during scheduled family time and I focus on my business during business time – the laundry will wait
until after business hours. Caller ID and call display are wonderful tools to ensure personal phone calls
don’t become a thorn in your side.

Billable Time vs. Non-billable Time

The biggest hurdle (or thorn) for many home based entrepreneurs to overcome is a “paycheck” mentality.
Even though you’re working a 40-hour week, you’re not getting paid for 40 hours. You need time to
market your business and keep both your clients and the government happy. While you can hire
professionals to assist you, it is important to budget for non-billable time.

Before you decide to take the leap from the corporate world to opening your own home based business,
stop and smell the roses. If you’ve identified all the “thorns” involved, you’ll be less likely to get pricked
when you reach out to grab one. Take an honest look within yourself and decide if you have what it takes
to navigate the thorns and bloom into a successful entrepreneur.

Written by Yvonne Weld, owner of ABLE Virtual Assistant Services ( ABLE Virtual Assistant Services offers
administrative assistance to solopreneurs; at ABLE Virtual Assistant Services, we take care of the details of your business so that
you can use your time effectively and wisely. Article may only be reproduced in its entirety and with writer’s information intact.

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