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With self employment rising daily, the competitive landscape of internet marketing promotions
becomes more evident. But look at the bright side, this creates a massive opportunity for you in
your home business as your target market grows by the day.

However, you need to position yourself to take advantage of the situation. For home business
lead generation marketing this means you need a well thought out marketing plan to attract
sufficient visitors to your website in order to convert them into online leads.


1. Who Is Your Target Audience?

I'm often stunned at how many home business owners lack a clear picture of what their model
prospect looks like. I don't mean their physical form, but instead their personality, wants, dreams,
circumstances and constraints? Visualize yourself in the "life of your ideal prospect" and
establish a detailed image in your mind as to exactly who your customer is that you want to attract
to your business.

By paying attention to your "ideal" prospect, you will be able to put more effort into speaking to
people who have already decided they want their own business, rather than those who are just
curious. It's important for you to grasp this concept.

When undertaking the task of determining your model customer, reflect on your personality and
the type of person you best relate to as well. Typically, more success is accomplished when
presenting your business to prospects you connect with.

2. Match Your Internet Marketing Promotion Message

Get inside the head of your model prospect and observe the world through their eyes. How do
they think, what do they want and what is their prime reason for why they desire it. 85% of people
make decisions based on emotion, rather than logic, thus direct your internet marketing promotion
message to the emotional benefits of how your product or business opportunity can meet their

3. Consistent Persistence

The next step is to perform as many targeted online lead generation marketing campaigns as
possible in order to reach your prospects. A recommendation - pick 2 or 3 internet lead
generation methods that you are content with and generate sufficient internet marketing
promotion campaigns using those methods, rather than trying to focus on receiving online leads
from every probable marketing avenue. Be consistent with your frequency of campaigns.

4. Assess Your Internet Marketing Promotion Results

Money, effort and time are valuable resources so it's in your best interests to measure your
marketing campaigns' effectiveness. Identify those which are producing a satisfactory quality
AND quantity of online leads. Determine how you can better them to increase your results whilst
at the same time discontinuing those campaigns that aren't meeting your expectations regarding
online lead volumes.

5. Keeping Ahead of the Internet Marketing Promotion Trends

Your continued success in generating adequate home business leads relies heavily on you
staying abreast of internet marketing promotion trends.

You can achieve this by subscribing to industry newsletters or you can outsource your internet
marketing promotion tasks to professional companies (though I caution against complete
outsourcing models). But, I've found that the best approach to stay informed of the most up-to-
date online lead generation marketing trends is to belong to a community of like-minded people.
This way not only do you hear what's new before many others, but you are also able to leverage
off the experience and success of others and discover new strategies. The power of such an
influential community is invaluable.

These 5 steps map out the main elements of an internet marketing promotion strategy that you
should be focusing on. The potential for home business owners is tremendously bright, so the
timing is perfect for attracting superior home business leads to your business. Don't defer your
success by making a simple process a complex one. Get focused and take action today!

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