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College Entrepreneurship

Every student once a while in college dreams of having his/her own company because to
own and work for a company can not match the satisfaction and rewards of a regular job.

The reality is far from the cozy comforts of dreams. It requires a strong will power and
determination to think and actually start a business of your own. Business is all about
risk. So if one is willing to take risk he/she is already on the path of becoming an
entrepreneur. Taking risk is not essential to start but to identify the amount and
subsequently taking calculated risk is the important parameter in determining your

The college period is the ideal place to start any business because it is the right time when
your assets are maximum and your liabilities are minimum. By assets it means you have
vast resources and facilities available to you in the form of friends, professors,
laboratories, internet etc. which you can utilize fully without creating a burden on your
modest financial status. It is the time when you are young full of passion and energy, with
your parents ready to support you. You do not have any thing to loose much, but once
you are married and reach you thirty’s you will have lot more things in your mind then to
think of starting a business. You would be less reluctant to take risk and would lack
energy and enthusiasm to start something new. So your liabilities are lowest in college.

To start a business you must have a solid business plan and an idea to sell. Without a
selling idea you cannot think of making a long way in sustaining the business. You must
have a clear vision of what you are doing and what do you want to achieve in you efforts.
You must partner with some body that is comfortable with you and trusted as well
because it is much easier to continue with some body then alone. Your partner will help
you in taking important decisions and correcting you while you are wrong and in addition
you can use his/her valuable business network. The partner can be any i.e. you parents,
friends and not necessarily your college buddies.

You must be ready to work hard and unless you are already working hard you should not
think of diving into entrepreneurship. To successfully take the business to new heights
you should continuously refine yourself on every aspect of business i.e. from managing
the business, taking care of finances, sales, accounts etc to making solid business network
among the friends, relatives, and people in your and different businesses.

At the end I would strongly encourage you to seriously think and of course dream of
becoming an entrepreneur as early as possible and in college itself because it would not
only help in making you richer financially but richer in every other sense. The
experience, knowledge, network that you would gain would be far more in quantity and
quality wise then material gains.

Best of Luck
Lokesh Gupta

About the Author

Lokesh Gupta is the co founder and CEO of Eugenic Technologies, a software
consultancy company which he co-founded in 2004 while still in the college. He is the
undergraduate student (Chemical Engineering) at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi,
India. He can be reached at or visit

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