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7 Low Cost Ways for Promoting Your Business

Newspapers and magazines are always looking for free, interesting stories and
articles that would benefit their readers. You could write articles and submit
them to publications for consideration. Always include contact information at
the end of your articles so that people will know how to contact you about your
services or products.

Business and civic organizations are constantly on the lookout for people to
speak at their meetings and get togethers. Make yourself available by offering
to speak to these groups, for free, about your area of expertise. Pass out
contact information to all attendees.

Referrals are an excellent way to grow your business. Proactively ask for
referrals from happy customers, business acquaintances, friends and family

The most effective company websites are those that measurably drive and
increase revenues. The key to making the most of this incredible marketing
opportunity-and turning web prospects into clients- is a well-designed and well-
promoted site.

Do you have something to offer that would be newsworthy? Perhaps you're
offering a free service to the public, or maybe you offered a service to an
organization without charging a fee. Newspapers are always looking for
interesting tidbits of information for their readers. Write it, submit it, and don't
forget to include your contact information.

Every person knows at least 250 other people. Each of those 250 knows another
250, and so on. This should give you an idea of how important it is to network.
Tell everyone you know about your business, and always have business cards on
hand to pass along.

E-mail marketing is practically free-just the cost of your time and the cost of
your monthly internet service provider. Just make sure you build an opt-in list.
This means that the people on your list have agreed to allow you to send e-mail
to them.

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