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10 Tips for Starting A Home Business
If you are like most people who have considered starting their own home-business, you may be
feeling overwhelmed with all the junk on the internet. There is simply too much information out there
and sifting through it all and doing your research on all the companies is a daunting task. I’m going to
suggest a few tips that will help you to determine which business opportunity is right for you.
1. Determine what it is you are passionate about be it travel, health / nutritional products,
personal development products, etc. You have got to be passionate about the industry you
are in so you can honestly invest the man hours needed to build your own home-business and
market your product.
2. Determine how much start-up capital you have and are willing to spend. After all, most real
businesses require some start-up costs to get going. And more importantly, make sure you ask
all the right questions to find out any unmentioned costs.
3. Read up on the business you may be interested in by simply researching its name on the
internet and reading reviews and others’ feedback. Do not let someone sell you on the spot
into enrolling with them. Any honest person would encourage you to do your homework.
Research the integrity of the company, what people who left the business said about why
they left i.e. unethical practices, etc.
4. Make sure you ask questions about the level of training and support provided and find out
how long this individual has been working with this company. The most important factor in
starting your own business once you get started, is having direction. You want to join with a
sponsor/company who will support you and guide you every step of the way.
5. Know what your comfort level is – Are you a salesperson? Are you scared of talking to people?
If you are, would you be open to breaking through that fear?
6. There are many home-businesses that require you to store inventory at home. Is this
something you would be open to doing? You also need to purchase the inventory up front.
7. Dedicate a set amount of hours per day, days/week you will dedicate to working your
8. You have to believe in yourself and know that you can and will be successful. Better yet, you
ARE successful.
9. Observe what the top players in the business are doing. Ask questions, reach out to them and
10. Have fun! People have to believe that you like what you are doing and believe in the
product/service you are marketing or they won’t buy anything from you.
Thanks for reading…for more tips and to see what kind of successful home business I run and am
passionate about, visit my web page.
Joanie D.

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10 Tips For Starting A Home Business -
If You Are Like Most People Who Want To Start A Home Business, You Are Overwhelmed And Don't Know Where To Start Or What Will Make You Successful.

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